Sewage Ejector Pumps Installed

Sometimes, it happens so that plumbing problems confront you in the ground floor or the basement of your home since this part is usually lower then the house sewer. If you are a homeowner facing such a tough plumbing challenge that can seldom be solved¸ then we are your automatic choice for handling this condition, i.e., pertaining to below the basement floor plumbing tasks.

One of the preferred and common plumbing solutions for the above-mentioned problem is installation of well-known brand of sewage ejector pumps. These sewage ejector pumps are part of the sewer ejector package.

We, at Cheap John’s Plumbing deal only with the best-quality sewage ejector pumps systems, produced by the market leaders in this area. Thereby, we help you save many dollars, time and energy that might trouble you in the case of improper handling or inferior supplies.

We concentrate on providing reliable, long-lasting and effective sewage ejector pumps for your home; we offer 100% guarantee on all of our plumbing tasks. Backed by relevant and rich experience in installing, repairing and replacing sewage ejector pump systems in many residential areas, we have gathered some common facts about sewage ejector pump systems and packages:

  • Sometimes, a sewage ejector pump is also known as a sewage grinder pump.
  • Basically, a sewage ejector pump is designed to pump waste water or sewage water from the home, especially to a septic tank or a city sewer that is at a higher level then the bathroom.
  • In some cases, the geographical makeup of the area might prevent sewage water from flowing smoothly. In such a condition, it is better to install a sewage ejector pump to ensure a hassle-free flow of black water.
  • It is better to opt for submersible sewage ejector pump for easy handling and effective usage.
  • The typical use of the sewage ejector pump is to lift or pump waste water from the basement floor bathroom up to the sewer line. From this point, it reaches a spetic tank or community sewer.
  • Checking the sewage ejector pump is necessary to confirm its handling capability of both solid and liquid wastes, at least up to the diameter of 2”.
  • Checking the sewage ejector pump is necessary to confirm its handling capability of both solid and liquid wastes, at least up to the diameter of 2”.
  • Checking of other parts like thermal overhead protection, screws, seals, etc. is also important to ensure that the sewage ejector pump you are choosing will perform as desired.

All said and done, if you do not want to lose money by choosing cheap supplies and committing mistakes in case you are undertaking installation of sewage ejector pump on your own, it is better to seek professional assistance from us. We, at Cheap John’s Plumbing, assure you of giving the best in terms of the quality of  plumbing services and supplies.

Just give us a call or drop in a mail; our trained plumbing technicians are always on the move to serve you as on-time and courteous plumbers.

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